Fall leaves clean-up

Fall Leaf Removal in Christiansburg, VA

Homeowners Should Clear the Fallen Leaves From Their Lawns

Many homeowners don’t want to deal with fall leaf removal in Christiansburg, VA, and the surrounding areas. We all like to see the beautiful fall foliage and the changing colors of the leaves in Southwestern Virginia. Your kids might love to dive into the raked piles of leaves. But as glorious as fall is, removing the fallen leaves from your lawn can be time-consuming and tedious. But you or a professional landscaper like Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, should perform fall leaf removal.


Don’t Forget About Your Southwest Virginia Lawn as Temperature Drops

You might not know, or even think about it, but your lawn requires many things to help it grow and remain healthy. When the cooler months of fall hit the region, your lawn still needs proper lawn care. Fall lawn care ensures that the lawn will survive the winter and return thick and full in the spring. Removing fall leaves is vital to keeping your lawn healthy in the fall and preparing it for the winter.


Fall Leaves Suffocate Your Grass If You Don’t Rake Them Up

Some homeowners probably see the incoming cold weather as a break from taking care of the lawn. But Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, suggests that you shouldn’t stop lawn care too early. When you neglect to remove fallen leaves from your lawn, the leaves suffocate your grass. The result could be your grass dying, hiding dangerous pests, and inhibiting water evaporation. Today, we look at why you should add fall leaf removal to your list of things to do on the weekend.


Leaves Block the Sunlight and Air From Your Lawn

When you allow a thick layer of leaves to amass over your lawn, the leaves strangle your grass. They block the lawn’s access to sunlight and air. When your lawn fails to receive enough sunlight and air needed for photosynthesis, it struggles to grow. When there is a lack of nutrients, grass is less resilient and struggles to fight off diseases and pests. By removing fallen leaves from your lawn, you ensure that your grass can get the sunlight and air that it needs to grow.


Accumulating Leaves Prevent Water Evaporation

As leaves fall to the ground in large numbers, they prevent water evaporation and trap moisture underneath their layer. The moisture creates the perfect environment for mold, fungi, and diseases to creep into your lawn and life. Mold is not only dangerous to your health; it is also potentially harmful to your lawn.


Dead Leaves Could Cause Dangerous Mold to Spring Up

When you, your family, or your pets walk across the leaves on your lawn, it kicks up mold. If you disturb the mold, it releases mold spores into the air. Breathing in mold can cause debilitating respiratory issues, especially in those with underlying lung disease. Lung congestion, breathing problems, headaches, vomiting, and other health issues can follow. You can avoid those health problems by preventing mold growth on your lawn. Remove all leaves, and maintain your lawn during the fall season.


Snakes, Spiders, Ticks, and Other Pests Enjoy the Leaf Cover

If you do not rake up and dispose of the leaves, dangerous pests can hide out among the leaves and the high grass. Pests such as spiders, snakes, ticks, rodents, termites, and cockroaches love dark, damp places. A layer of wet, rotting leaves gives them the cover to create havoc. You or your pets could be risking a spider bite or a snake bite. If a snake or spider bites you or your pet, the results can be fatal. To decrease your risk of encountering these pests, keep your lawn clear of leaves and other debris.


Leaf Piles Can Be Perfect Hiding Places for Pests

Terminix reminds homeowners that fallen accumulated leaves and leaf piles can be perfect hiding places for pests:


Raking the leaves, bagging them up, and setting them on the curb can be a form of instant pest control for your yard. The key is to clean up your yard quickly. When messing with leaf piles that have been sitting out for more than a day, you should wear gloves and use caution. Bugs and other pests may have set up camp in there.

Source: Pests in Leaf Piles – Pest Control for Your Yard | Terminix


There Are Various Ways You Can Dispose of Leaves

If you are handling the fall leaf removal yourself, you can dispose of leaves naturally in various ways. You can use the leaves for composting. Most lawn mowers have mulching capabilities, and they do a great job shredding up the leaves. You can also just simply mow the leaves.


Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, Can Save You Time With Our Fall Leaf Removal

If you don’t have the time, or you’re unable to clear your lawn of the fallen leaves, make a call to us. The team at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can take over. We can quickly remove any leaves or other debris from your lawn. It won’t break your budget, and it will save you time, energy, and frustration. We clear fallen leaves from lawns in the fall every year in Christiansburg, VA, and the surrounding region.


For more information on why fall leaf removal is important in Christiansburg, VA, give Jeremy’s Landscaping a call at (540) 357-4986. You can also email us at [email protected]. Let us handle your fall leaf removal.