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Affordable, Convenient Lawn Services by Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC

Lawn Care for Lots to Acres

Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC services lawns and lots of all sizes. We have experience providing quality lawn care, mowing, and maintenance for everything from small residential lots to hundreds of acres of commercial and industrial property.

Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC provides affordable, convenient residential and commercial natural lawn care services in the Blacksburg-Christiansburg, VA area. We offer reliable lawn mowing and maintenance services including:

  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Services
  • Natural Lawn & Yard Care
  • Power Seeding
  • Seeding
  • Weed Control
  • And More

Professional Lawn Care Techniques for a Lush Lawn

We utilize professional lawn care techniques and equipment maintenance to help you achieve the most beautiful, lush lawn possible. We sharpen and/or change our blades before each job and keep our decks clean to ensure the sharpest cut possible to minimize lawn damage. We truly “cut” your lawn instead of tearing or shredding it, which could predispose your grass to contracting a host of diseases that could destroy both the appearance and health of your lawn.

Our technicians apply a systematic approach and utilize appropriately-sized equipment to get your lawn or turf grass plot orderly and trim in the most efficient manner possible. We have both the experience and the equipment to trim lawns of all sizes efficiently and with spectacular results.

Let Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC maintain your turf to look immaculate and be its healthy best. We will work with your budget to ensure that your lawn looks as picture perfect as possible for special occasions, as well as year-round.

Why We Trim Your Lawn to Variable Heights

When we trim your lawn, you may notice that the height of your grass varies slightly each time and you may wonder why. We apply scientifically proven principles to determine the ideal height to trim your grass. Variables such as the current climate, time of year, temperature extremes, and precipitation will affect your ideal lawn height at each trimming.

Typically, we will try to maintain a height of no more than a third of the original height of your lawn. We will trim your lawn to whatever height you specify. However, please remember that it is not advisable to trim your lawn down extremely close to the soil level. The practice of “scalping” your lawn allows weeds to gain a foothold, encourages erosion, and will weaken and eventually kill your turf grass if done on a regular basis. Your grass requires a certain minimum leaf surface area to produce energy.

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