Lawn fertilizer

How to Choose a Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizing Your Lawn Will Keep it Healthy and Growing

With spring approaching, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, is blogging this month about how to choose a lawn fertilizer. Our landscaper highly recommends contacting us to fertilize your lawn as part of our lawn maintenance services. Lawn fertilization is vitally important for keeping your lawn healthy. If you prefer to do it yourself in Christiansburg, VA, or beyond, know how to choose the right lawn fertilizer.



What Fertilizer We Use Depends on the Nutrient Balance and Soil pH

The type of fertilizer you choose for your lawn depends on the starting nutrient balance and pH in the soil. Therefore, most clients of Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, choose the slow-release, or granular, fertilizer. There are different types that can kill weeds and insects. The fertilizer also prevents damage to your lawn from environmental issues. The landscapers at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can make that decision, depending on your lawn’s condition.



Don’t Take Chances on Choosing the Wrong Fertilizer

You might not know this, but fertilizers have varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The concentration of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen depend on the type of grass in your lawn. Be aware, if you use the wrong type of fertilizer, it can damage your grass and spread weed growth. Without our help, it’s up to you to determine whether quick-release or slow-release fertilizer is best for your lawn.



Quick-Release Fertilizer Prompts Immediate Grass Growth

Quick-release fertilizer prompts almost immediate grass growth as it supplies a jolt of nutrients to your soil and roots. Quick-release fertilizer is usually in liquid form. If you’re a new homeowner attempting to grow a new lawn, quick-release fertilizer is an ideal tool. As an added benefit, quick-release fertilizer provides highly effective weed control. If you’re tired of dealing with weeds, like most homeowners are, quick-release fertilizer is ideal.



Slow-Release Fertilizer Delivers Continuous Nutrients

Slow-release fertilizer is granular and degrades over time, continuously delivering nutrients. Slow-release fertilizer ensures that your lawn gets constant nourishment over the growing season. Your grass grows steadily. It’s a good option if you’d prefer to fertilize your lawn less. It’s also preferable if your lawn needs a little extra support to recover from damage.



For more help with lawn maintenance, give Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected]. Our technician is here to help you decide how to choose a lawn fertilizer.