Landscaping Is Our Passion at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC

We Dedicate Ourselves to Great Yards and Gardens for Southwestern VA

A gorgeous yard or garden can create an amazing first impression at a home or a business. And backyard landscaping can transform a basic, utilitarian piece of land into something beautiful – a destination to gather family and friends together or just an isolated paradise, perfect for some rest, relaxation, and needed decompression. The work of an expert landscaping company can make any yard or garden look outstanding – with meticulous lawn care and skillful landscaping and hardscape design and installation.

In Southwestern Virginia – in and around Blacksburg, VA, and Christiansburg, VA – Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, is your expert landscaper. Your lawn is our business. But even more than our business, your lawn is our passion. We are truly zealous about your yard. Landscaping and hardscape work is in our blood, in our very DNA. And we pride ourselves in making Southwestern Virginia’s yards and gardens beautiful.

The Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, Story

Our owner, Jeremy Kuhn, started Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, in 2014, but his love of and experience with landscaping and hardscapes began long before that.

Jeremy’s grandfather started his landscaping company in 1973 in Hagerstown, MD, and even today, he continues to provide quality work for customers all throughout Hagerstown and the surrounding area. As Jeremy grew up, he would help his grandfather on the job for a couple of weeks every summer. It was during this time that Jeremy discovered that he enjoyed designing and creating beautiful landscapes for those customers. He worked with his grandfather for eight years, and after that experience, he began doing lawn care and landscaping work on the side.

At the same time, Jeremy’s father worked in the concrete business. As Jeremy grew up, he was around that, too, and saw that beautiful concrete structures could transform “plain and basic” into “picturesque.” Just as Jeremy’s grandfather planted the landscaping seeds in his life, his father planted the hardscape seeds.

Jeremy left for college, but he soon realized that he didn’t want to be inside a classroom or to graduate and then sit in an office. That is not where his passion lay. He thought back on the summers he spent with his grandfather in Hagerstown, on his time doing lawn care and landscaping work on the side, and on his father’s work in the concrete business. He liked being outside in the fresh air and doing hard work with his hands, creating amazing landscapes and hardscapes in people’s yards and gardens. So he launched Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC.

Today, Jeremy and his expert crew have built a reputation around Christiansburg, VA, and Blacksburg, VA, for dependable lawn care and great, reliable landscape design and installation. He has built this company with hard work, skill, and exceptional customer service. We have a team of proficient landscapers who handle the bulk of routine maintenance for our clients, while Jeremy personally takes care of the special projects and design duties.

Call Us for Exceptional Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Hardscapes

Today, when Southwestern Virginia homeowners and business owners need the very best lawn care, landscaping, and hardscape design and installation for their yards and gardens, they call us. We are the horticultural authorities in and around Christiansburg, VA, and Blacksburg, VA. We effectively and efficiently handle mowing and lawn care. Our team specializes in landscaping design and maintenance, and we offer a wide variety of hardscape options. Whatever your vision may be for your yard or garden, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can and will make it a reality and add value to your property. We do it at competitive rates, too.

We have vast experience in restoring and beautifying yards and gardens, and our team will tailor our lawn care, landscaping, and hardscape services to our customers’ particular needs and wishes.

We dedicate ourselves to every customer, whether residential or commercial, and we always offer superior customer service. Our team pays sharp attention to even the smallest details, and we never leave any stone unturned … literally. You can completely place your trust in Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC. You will not be sorry that you did, and we promise that you will love the results.

Transform Your Landscape with Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC

Why waste time with a second-rate lawn care company? Discover what the experts at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can do in your yard or garden at your Southwestern Virginia home or business. Contact us today, and we will begin your journey to an amazing backyard paradise together.

For more information on our outstanding landscaping and hardscape services, give Jeremy’s Landscaping a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected].