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Proper Lawn Maintenance in Christiansburg, VA

There’s More to Lawn Care Than Mowing in Southwestern Virginia

Proper lawn maintenance is vital to keeping lawns healthy and beautiful in Christiansburg, VA, and the rest of Southwestern Virginia. You might think that mowing your lawn, or having the neighbor’s kid mow your lawn, is the only required lawn maintenance. The fact is that having a thick, green lawn requires a combination of basic lawn maintenance practices. Mowing, weed control, aerating, over-seeding, top dressing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn are all parts of proper lawn maintenance. Making sure that you have a healthy and gorgeous lawn is a part of our proper lawn maintenance services:



Weed Control

Top Dressing





Keeping the Grass Length Taller Than Three Inches is Better Lawn Maintenance

If you cut your own lawn in Christiansburg, VA, you might be mowing at an improper mowing length. Many people are confused about what the proper mowing length is for their lawn. Many homeowners and landlords like to keep the grass as short as they can as part of their lawn maintenance. But that’s not good for the lawn. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, recommends cutting your lawn when it is taller than three inches. The mowing length might surprise many because you think your grass is healthier and looks better when it is shorter. But keeping the grass length higher than three inches is much better for it.


Mowing Tall Fescue at the Correct Height Has Advantages

Tall fescue is the most common grass in Virginia’s yards and business properties. Our team at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, has found that the proper mowing length for tall fescue is three inches or more. That length is appropriate because the crown of the plant is normally at three inches or higher in length. Cutting at the proper mowing length reduces competition from opposing grass species. It decreases the amount of water needed for grass growth and prevents weed germination.


Trust Us to Perform Weed Control on Your Property

We know it’s not fun to deal with weeds on your lawn in Southwestern Virginia. Weed-eating and weed control can be a pain for homeowners, but Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can handle the weeds with ease. Crabgrass and other weeds can overtake a lawn and choke out healthy turf by using up the nutrients. We can apply weed-fighting materials throughout the year in order to control weeds. Our team knows what it takes to control those pesky weeds.


Aeration Loosens Up the Ground and Helps Roots Grow

Heavy thatch and compacted soil can suffocate grass by preventing nutrients, air, and water from reaching the roots. We perform aeration with a lawn aerator, preferably in late spring or early summer. The tines of the aerator punch holes in your yard, loosening up the ground and helping roots grow. If you need to reseed your lawn for some reason, do it at the same time as aeration. As a homeowner, you might not know why your lawn needs aeration. But at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, we suggest aeration to all of our clients as part of our lawn maintenance. We perform aeration to keep your lawn’s appearance looking gorgeous and healthy.


We Perform Aeration and Over-Seeding Efficiently and Correctly

When Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, over-seeds at the same time as aeration, it allows the seeds to fall into the aerator divots. Our landscapers perform aeration and seeding at the same time in an effort to accomplish the best outcome. The combination of over-seeding and aeration produces an improved contact between the seed and the soil. Homeowners might be tempted to attempt the over-seeding themselves. Our team can perform over-seeding much more efficiently and correctly in performing proper lawn maintenance. Our commercial seed is better than the product you buy at a seed store.


Top Dressing is a Popular Way to Repair a Distressed Lawn

Top dressing is the compost, soil, sand, or a combination of the materials that you add to the soil surface. After our technician has completed the aeration, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, will apply top dressing to the lawn. Compost is one of the best ways that you can improve the soil. It is one of the most popular ways that we can repair a distressed lawn. Our team can use the same topsoil that we might use to start a new landscape to top-dress the aerated lawn. Sand also fills the holes and helps the soil drain better. The nutrient-rich materials add an extra healthy layer to the soil while filling in the holes to help the soil and plant growth.


Trust Jeremy’s Landscaping for Fertilizing and Proper Lawn Maintenance

Fertilizing is an important tool to keeping your lawn healthy. Your lawn requires a number of nutrients in order to thrive. Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. We refer to those nutrients as primary nutrients. All of those nutrients have a very different but important function in preserving your lawn’s health. Phosphorus increases the growth of the root, which strengthens the overall health of your lawn. Nitrogen makes the grass blades grow and spread in order to fill in thin spots. Potassium helps fight disease and increases the defense against harsh weather. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, can provide expert fertilizing services as part of our lawn maintenance.


For more information on proper lawn maintenance in Christiansburg, VA, give Jeremy’s Landscaping a call at (540) 357-4986. You can also email us at [email protected]. We are the company to trust for proper lawn maintenance.