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Proper Mowing Length for Christiansburg, VA and Southwestern Virginia

Cut Your Grass When it’s Taller Than Three Inches

Many people are confused about what the proper mowing length is for their lawn. Homeowners in Christiansburg, VA, and in our service areas in Southwestern Virginia like to keep the grass as short as they can. However, it’s not good for the lawn. Our mowing experts at Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC recommend cutting your lawn when it is taller than three inches. This might come as a surprise to many because you think your grass is healthier and looks better when it is shorter. But keeping the grass length higher than three inches is much better for it.


Count on Jeremy’s Landscaping to Save You Time and Frustration

There’s a tendency among most homeowners to just cut the grass themselves and save some money. But handling the lawn cutting yourself, handing it off to your children to do, or hiring a friend, family member or the teenager next door isn’t the best solution. Homeowners who want their grass to looks its best and be as healthy as it can be should hire Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC. We know what is best for the grass in the region, including the proper mowing length for your yard. Our team saves you time and frustration in your busy life, and our mowing techniques make your grass healthy and luscious.


Follow Our Grass Length Suggestion for Tall Fescue

The Spruce reminds us that a longer the grass, the healthier it is. A longer lawn means that the individual grass blades (the leaves) have more surface area for photosynthesis to occur. Increased photosynthesis results in more plant growth, a more extensive root system, and a healthier plant. In the long run, that means less need for fertilizer, aeration, and other time-consuming lawn maintenance.

The most noticeable benefit of the longer turf is aesthetic. The increased amount of leaf blade surface makes for a dramatic improvement in turf color. After shifting to a higher mower height, you will find that the lawn becomes consistent, uniform, and lush looking. Shade zones, patchy areas, and weak spots in the lawn will fill in to achieve a dense carpet effect.

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Maintaining the Proper Mowing Length Reduces Weeds

One of the extra advantages Jeremy’s Landscaping has found in cutting the proper mowing length is it reduces the weed population. Weeds can be become a big problem for homeowners if they don’t know how to control them. They can quickly overrun your lawn, causing you to have to mow more often. The extra shade that comes with longer grass prevents light from reaching weeds. Without the light to help in its growth, the weeds can’t germinate and take root in your lawn.


Reducing the Possibility of Disease and Insect Problems

When Jeremy’s Landscaping cuts lawns at the proper mowing length, it reduces the possibilities of disease and insect problems. Grass with a length of more than three inches is healthy and resists diseases and insect infestations. If you cut the grass too short, it can open the grass up to developing a vast array of diseases. Some insects like ants and spiders benefit from longer grass because it protects them from danger.


Grass Growth Decreases as the Temperature Increases

Grass growth slows down as temperatures soar in the hot summer months in Southwestern Virginia. When we cut our clients’ lawns during the summer months, we make sure we don’t cut it too short. Keeping the grass at the proper mowing length prevents drying and damaging the lawn. When the area is going through a lot of wet weather, we cut frequently at a higher setting rather than use shorter settings. You risk burned and brown grass as the weather gets drier and warmer if you don’t cut at the proper mowing length.


We’re Here to Answer Any Grass Cutting Questions

Do you have questions about the proper mowing length in your yard? Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be happy to answer your questions. We are the mowing and horticulture experts in and around Christiansburg, VA, Blacksburg, VA, and the surrounding areas in Southwestern Virginia. Whether you have questions about proper mowing length or general lawn care, we are dedicated to providing unmatched customer service. Our team is detail-oriented, and we promise you will love the results.


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