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Fall Lawn Care Seeding

Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, Recommends Fall Seeding in Virginia

Our August blog looks ahead to fall lawn care seeding. As a homeowner in Christiansburg, VA, or anywhere else in Southwest Virginia, your lawn might need some care. You might have missing patches of grass, or some grass may have died in the heat of summer. You might be considering seeding your lawn during the summer. But Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, recommends against summer seeding. Our landscapers instead highly recommend fall lawn care seeding.



Lawn Seeding in the Summer Increases the Risk of Seeds Burning

When you seed your lawn in the summer, you run the risk of the seeds burning due to hot temperatures. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, has found that the fall season is the best time to seed. Why is it the best time? Warm-season grass, like the tall fescue that is the most common in Southwest Virginia, is much less active in the fall. Soil temperatures are optimal for tall fescue seeds to germinate. Seeding and aeration give your lawn the boost it needs after each summer.



Our Landscapers Perform Aeration and Overseeding at the Same Time

Our landscapers perform aeration and seeding at the same time in an effort to accomplish the best outcome. The combination of overseeding and aeration produces improved contact between the seed and the soil. When Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, overseeds at the same time as aeration, it allows the seeds to fall into the aerator divots. Homeowners might be tempted to attempt to overseed themselves. Our technicians can perform overseeding much more efficiently with proper lawn maintenance.



Be Aware that Not Every Lawn Seed is Right for Your Lawn

If you’re determined to perform seeding yourself, you should be aware that not every grass seed is ideal. The type of seed that you use is important to get the best possible results from the seeding. If you have browsed the seeds in the lawn and garden section of a store, you can feel confused. There are many different options. Not all of the seeds are ideal for your lawn. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, highly recommends calling us in the fall to perform the seeding of your lawn. Our commercial seeds work best on Virginia lawns.

For more help with lawn maintenance, give Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC, a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected]. Our experienced landscaping staff is available for fall lawn care seeding.