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How to Fix Your Lawn This Fall

Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC Recommends Fixing Your Lawn in the Fall

With winter approaching in Southwest Virginia, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC offers tips on how to fix your lawn this fall. Residents in and around Christiansburg, VA, might need some lawn care because this summer’s oppressive heat damaged the grass. Your lawn might not have survived the heat of summer or it might have missing patches of grass.

You could consider putting off fixing your lawn until the summer, but Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC doesn’t recommend that. Instead, have our technicians make the repairs now. During the fall season, temperatures in Virginia drop, thankfully. The result of dropping temperatures is cool nights, providing optimal growing conditions for lawns.


Rely on Jeremy’s Landscaping for Lawn Seeding in the Fall

One of the best practices for lawn repair is seeding. Jeremy’s Landscaping recommends seeding in the fall rather than the summer or spring. When you seed your lawn in the summer, you risk the seeds burning due to hot temperatures. Why is fall the best time for seeding? It’s because warm-season grass, like the tall fescue that is the most common in Southwest Virginia, is much less active. Soil temperatures are optimal for tall fescue seeds to germinate. Seeding and aeration give your lawn the boost it needs after each summer.


Our Landscaper Performs Aeration and Seeding at the Same Time

You might be considering performing the lawn care yourself. We advise against that because we have the experience and knowhow to protect your lawn during lawn maintenance. Our landscaper performs aeration and seeding at the same time in an effort to achieve the best results. The combination of seeding and aeration produces an improved contact between the seed and the soil. When Jeremy’s Landscaping seeds at the same time as aeration, it allows seeds to fall into the aerator divots.


Raking Leaves and Weeding Also Helps Lawns in Autumn

There are some things homeowners can do by themselves to take care of their lawn in the fall. If there are trees on your property, you will likely have lots of leaves to deal with on your lawn. Be sure to rake the leaves from the lawn, and then dispose of them. If there are bothersome weeds, do some weeding. Pick up any branches or twigs in the grass. You will be glad you fixed your lawn in the fall.



For more help with lawn maintenance, give Jeremy’s Landscaping a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected]. Our experienced landscaping staff can help with how to fix your lawn this fall.