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When You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Have Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC Fertilize Your Lawn

As a homeowner in Southwest Virginia, you’ve probably wondered when you should fertilize your lawn. It’s February now, but spring and summer are just around the bend. With that in mind, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC offers tips on when the ideal season is to fertilize your lawn. Before you fertilize the lawn, though, our landscaper recommends contacting us for fertilizing as part of our lawn maintenance services

Fertilize Your Lawn at Least in the Spring and Summer 

Lawn fertilization is vitally important in keeping your lawn healthy. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC recommends you fertilize the lawn in spring when the growing season approaches. The right fertilization frequency also depends on the type of grass you have. Warm-season grass, like the fescue in Southwestern Virginia, does better with fertilization every four to eight weeks during the summer. Jeremy’s Landscaping’s technicians can inspect the grass and suggest what they think the fertilization frequency should be.

New Lawns Will Likely Require Quick-Release Fertilizer 

One of the issues our landscaper can tackle is which type of fertilizer to use on the lawn. We’ll choose between quick-release fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer. Quick-release fertilizer prompts almost immediate grass growth as it supplies a jolt of nutrients to your soil and roots. If you’re a new homeowner attempting to grow a new lawn, Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC will likely suggest it. The spring is an ideal time to use the quick-release fertilizer. One added benefit is that it provides highly effective weed control. Weeds can certainly get out of control in the summer.

Slow-Release Fertilizer Delivers Continuous Nutrients

If you have owned your home for awhile, and maintained your lawn, you probably know about slow-release fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizer is granular, and degrades over time, continuously delivering nutrients. As a result of the continuous delivery of nutrients, your lawn gets constant nourishment over the growing season. Your grass grows steadily, especially in the spring. It’s a good option if you’d prefer to fertilize your lawn less. It’s also preferable if your lawn needs a little extra support to recover from damage the summer heat causes. 

For more help with lawn fertilizer, give Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected]. Our technician is here to help you with when you should fertilize your lawn.