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Lawn Care in the Summer

Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC Wants You to Have a Beautiful Lawn

As most homeowners and landlords know, lawn care in the summer can take up a lot of time and effort. Many residents in Christiansburg, VA, and Southwest Virginia are very proud of their lawns. As a result, they’ll put the extra time, effort and money into taking care of their lawn in the summer. 

But it can be overwhelming for residents who don’t have the time or equipment to properly care for their lawn. If you can’t provide lawn care yourself in summer, it’s best to contact Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC for lawn maintenance services. Through our experience in maintaining Southwest Virginia lawns, we’re happy to give you lawn tips from spring to summer. 


Mow Fescue Grass at Three Inches or More

In the spring, the proper mowing length for tall fescue is three inches or more. Cutting at the proper mowing length reduces competition from opposing grass species. It decreases the amount of water needed for grass growth, and prevents weed germination. Many homeowners and landlords like to keep the grass as short as they can as part of their lawn maintenance. But that’s not good for the lawn. Cutting at three inches or more is appropriate because the crown of the plant is at three inches or higher. By hiring Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC to mow the lawn, your lawn will be at the right height.


Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC Performs Aeration and Seeding

Aeration and seeding are important for your lawn in early summer. Jeremy’s Landscaping, LLC performs aeration and seeding at the same time in the summer to accomplish the best outcome. When our landscaper overseeds at the same time as aeration, it allows the seeds to fall into the aerator divots. We know homeowners what to save some money and do aeration and seeding themselves. However, the commercial seed is better than the product you buy at a seed store.


Fertilize Every Four to Eight Weeks in the Summer

As we’ve written about in past blogs, homeowners should fertilize their lawn at least four times a year. The right fertilization frequency also depends on the type of grass you have. Warm-season grass, like the fescue, does better with fertilization every four to eight weeks during the summer. 


For more help with lawn maintenance, give Jeremy’s Landscaping a call at (540) 357-4986 or email at [email protected]. Ask our landscaper for more on lawn care in the summer.